This is the download page of the EBT-Tool.

Here you'll always find the latest version of the EBT-Tool plus information about new features and bug fixes.

Current version is and was released on 31st March 2010

Just click this link to download the EBT-Tool

The EBT-Tool was created by Marko Schilde (Nerzhul) and is currently maintained by ernie_hh. It started out as a personal project just for myself, but I think other people might find my little tool useful as well. If you have comments, suggestions or found a bug you can always write me an email.

If you came here by accident and don't know what EBT stands for and what this page is about, then have a look at You can sign up there and register the Euro notes from your wallet and watch them travel all across Europe.


Please note that if you're upgrading from version 0.99.7 or before you have to manually delete the existing map location settings which can be found under "Options -> General".


The EBT-Tool currently offers some nice features which make tracking notes easier and more comfortable:

More features will follow soon. I'll advertize new versions on the EBT-Forum. The Zip-archive also contains a readme file (in english and german) with more comments about certain functionality and detailed explaination of all available options and setup/installation procedure, so if you can spare a couple of minutes you should read it ;-)

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